PS VR2 Pre Order India: Sadly Not there Yet

Everyone wants to know when the PS VR2 Pre Order will be announced in India. Well, we are almost there but we need to wait just a while. There are speculations as to when Indian Gamers will be able to get their hands on a PS VR2 but however, we have good news and bad news for you eagerly waiting PS5 fanboys out there. Keep reading to know more (it’s not a long read we swear).

PS VR2 Pre Order in India

PS VR2 Pre Order India- Sony India Website

Well, as usual, Sony India has not yet properly announced about any PS VR2 pre order dates, however, today at around 12 pm, it was seen on the Sony India Website that the Pre-Order option was made available for Indian consumers by Sony. However, the Pre-Order button was non-responsive as Sony has probably not updated it yet.

The best bet right now is that PS VR2 will be available for pre-order in India at the 22nd of February 2023. Till that time I guess we just need to wait and watch.

What are the Experts Saying about PS VR2 Pre Order

Game analyst and expert Rishi Alwani confirmed today on twitter that PS VR2 enthusiasts should probably hold their horses and wait for the release date of the VR headset, as Sony is very well known to release its high end PlayStation products and accessories at a very later date than its initial release.

Take a look at what Alwani has said in his tweet-

ps vr2 pre order india

So what can we expect ?

PS VR2 is a very niche product and is going to be an extraordinary VR headset. However, its price and release date in India as of now is not confirmed. Fans can expect a Mid April to Mid May 2023 release date. If you want to read more about the release date and price speculations you can read it here.

About PSVR2-

The PS VR2 is the latest virtual reality headset developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is the successor to the original PlayStation VR and features a range of improvements to enhance the VR experience for users.

Some of the key upgrades include improved resolution and field of view, a new controller design with enhanced haptic feedback, and a simplified single-cord setup. The PS VR2 also utilizes inside-out tracking, which eliminates the need for external cameras or sensors.

Additionally, the PS VR2 is compatible with the PlayStation 5 console and includes a new VR game, Astro’s Playroom: Rescue Mission. Overall, the PS VR2 is an exciting development in the VR gaming industry, offering improved technology and more immersive gameplay.

Features of PS VR2

The PS VR2 is Sony’s latest offering in the world of virtual reality gaming. This new headset comes with a range of features and improvements that enhance the VR experience for gamers. Here are some of the key features of the PS VR2:

  1. Improved Resolution and Field of View: One of the most significant improvements in the PS VR2 is the increased resolution and field of view. The headset has a resolution of 2000 x 2040 pixels per eye, which is an improvement over the original PlayStation VR’s 1080p resolution. This translates to a more immersive experience with sharper, clearer visuals.
  1. Inside-Out Tracking: The PS VR2 uses inside-out tracking, which means that it doesn’t require external cameras or sensors to track the player’s movements. Instead, the headset uses its built-in cameras to track the position of the controllers and the player’s head. This makes it much easier to set up and use, as there are no wires or external devices to worry about.
  2. New Controller Design: The PS VR2 also comes with a new controller design that has enhanced haptic feedback. The controllers use haptic technology to simulate the feeling of different textures and surfaces in the game world. This makes it feel more realistic when interacting with virtual objects, adding another layer of immersion to the gameplay.
  1. Single-Cord Setup: The PS VR2 has a simplified single-cord setup, which means that it only requires one cord to connect to the PlayStation 5 console. This is a significant improvement over the original PS VR, which required multiple cords to be connected to the console and an external processing unit. This makes it much easier to set up and use, reducing the amount of clutter and wires in your gaming space.

Overall, the PS VR2 is an exciting development in the world of virtual reality gaming. With its improved resolution and field of view, new controller design, and simplified setup, it offers a more immersive and enjoyable VR experience for gamers.

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