How to Use Chat GPT for Building the Metaverse: Future Perfect

The hottest thing in future tech as of now is the Metaverse, and good news is that, many developers are using Chat GPT for building the Metaverse. Chat GPT offers a wide “playground” for Metaverse developers, in which they can work over ideas, create concepts, write scripts, develop and render models and much more! Being a completely AI based software, Chat GPT utilizes supervised as well as reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF). This enables Chat GPT to function as an extremely competent AI machine.


Here are 4 Ways in which we can use Chat GPT for Building the Metaverse ;


  1. Art Creation using Chat GPT

NFT Creation: We all know that NFTs are going to be one of the prime digital assets in the Metaverse. Chat GPT has created its own, prompt-based AI art (image) generator called as DallE2, which can accept prompts in natural language for image generation. There is no requirement for any specific code to operate DallE2, hence several digital artists use it to create realistic, highly detailed pieces of art.





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Similar to DallE2, there are software such as MidJourney and Nightcafe to name a few, which are extremely competent in creating diverse and hyper detailed art which can be utilized as NFTs

2. Gaming in the Metaverse

VR-Game Development: Gaming in virtual reality is fun and it will be even more fun when users will be able to play together in the Metaverse. Creation of VR games is not a very fun job to design a VR game. However, using Chat GPT and an accessory software (such as XR Toolkit), developers can create immersive and dynamic VR games.

The XR toolkit is used to create the VR elements in the game, while Chat GPT is utilized to write scripts that will create the program (viz., the game). You can check out the youtube video below by lordsi in which he explains the creation of a VR game using Chat GPT.



3. Creating a Virtual World Using Chat GPT

World-Building: Imagine a dynamic and detail-rich virtual world. In order to create such a virtual world, Chat GPT can be used to a large extent. Developers are already using Chat GPT for building the Metaverse as they utilize the power of AI to build virtual landscapes and design the architecture of buildings and structures. Chat GPT along with other 3-D rendering and modelling software are used to aid world-building in the Metaverse.

Chat GPT for Building the Metaverse

Extra Information: Just like Chat GPT, there is a prompt-based world building AI tool called Oncyber. It is a Web3 based app which is used by Metaverse World Builders.


4. Marketing in the Metaverse using Chat GPT

Content Optimization: in order to use Chat GPT for building the Metaverse, publishers and developers are optimizing existing content such as music, movies, advertisement flyers, etc. These types of content are optimized by AI tools in order to make them better fit into the virtual canvas of the virtual world.

As of now, Chat GPT is being used by digital marketers for creating SEO optimized social media posts, video and audio scripts and more. Hence we can reasonable predict that Chat GPT will be used in the Metaverse to better optimize marketing elements. You can read more about Marketing in the Metaverse here.

5. Populating the Metaverse using Chat GPT

NPC or “Virtual People” Creation: Just like there are non-playable characters (or NPCs) in a video game, the Metaverse will also feature NPCs that will populate the virtual worlds, so that users can interact and co-exist with them. These NPCs will be created, modelled and rendered by humans as well as AI.



The interesting part is that, every NPC may have their own unique backstory. Chat GPT is already being used by digital artists to create interesting characters that have their own unique and original backstories.

The following video by Sarge states that Chat GPT like interface can be created using the Open AI platform and that interface can be used to create NPCs (with the Unity Engine).

By looking at these interesting techniques, we can surely say that there are more than 5 ways in which developers and artists are going to use Chat GPT to build awesome virtual worlds in the Metaverse. Also, Chat GPT can provide communications support such as virtual chat bots for users in order to help them better navigate the virtual landscape of the Metaverse. Furthermore, Chat GPT also claims that it can utilize various machine learning algorithms to personalize the metaverse experience for each user.

There are a few cons of using the AI though, such as faulty code, illogical reasoning and limited knowledge base (upon which Chat GPT is still working). As of now, there are very limited errors that Chat GPT has committed, maybe because the complexity of the work assigned to AI is less. Who knows what hazards the future beholds?